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Kid Birthdays - with MrJohnny, Sharon & Amber
A Music Party with Mr Johnny & Sharon is fun!

The show begins with a 30 minute sing-a-long that combines interactive songs with rhythm sticks, scarve play and lots of bubbles.

Then we uncover the "giant jungle drum" and go on a mini-treasure hunt with take home prizes for all the youngsters.

For additional fun, we can also bring along some twisty balloons. These are actually a lot of fun for adults too. We coach parent volunteers on balloon tying basics (it's really easy) and then pass out the balloon pumps and a hundred or so twisty balloons so everyone can make lots of creatures, swords and hats.

It's a great party activity!

Or... have your party at
our little farm in SW Austin.

Call or write at any time. We will be glad to adjust the show to match your youngster's personality, age or birthday theme.

Johnny & Sharon
512 / 494-1411